It was lovely to be guided by such confident and enthusiastic practitioners. I found both workshops really safe to discover ideas.  It was really interesting to see the Clown emerge out of an exercise, simply and beautifully. Alexis Bradburn

'I have felt like a baby again and also learned as a teacher. I sense my body a lot more as a result of this week and the thirst to learn is back!' Alice Robinson

'This style of working was a completely new path for me and I found it immensely liberating. Some aspects of the work which seemed obscure at first delivered the most powerful results, this is essential and profound work enabling the actor to acquire powerful skills in an atmosphere of generosity and humour.' Denise Stephenson

'I would definitely recommend this company for the advanced stage or television actor looking to be responsible for their craft; you'll learn how to be an artist as well as an actor.' Colum Morgan 

'I've found myself applying these techniques on stage and screen, in heightened and more naturalistic projects.' Orlando Seale

'Without exaggeration this is bold and sensitive teaching. Rigorous, mischievous, inventive and even wicked. Brilliant teachers of Clown. ' Jules Voce

'Every week something happened that was exciting and revealing and made me excited about the people I was working with and the potential of theatre in general.'  Laura Greenhaugh